Since my final exam at the Rietveldacademie I am working on skirts.

I believe that the world around me starts at my navel and ends somewhere at the other side of the globe. A long skirt represents my surroundings. After weaving the fabric I finish the surface with a steelbrush. By brushing the backside shows on the front, both layers intermingle, as landscapes.

The skirts carry names like Mongolia, Bambam (Congo), Mirzapur and Fool’s Gold.

Year: 2004-ungoing

Material: yarn 80% wool (weft), 20% diverse (warp) + lining

Technique: Hand woven, satin weave, steel brush treatment, embroidery

Dimensions: waist 86 cm, length 110 cm 



wall piece 

Year: 2009
Material: 80% wool (weft) 20% diverse (warp)

Technique: Hand woven, steelbrush treatment, rough embroidery

Size: 155 x 300 cm 

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