Since her final exam at the Rietveldacademie Amsing is working on skirts.

She believes that the world around her starts at her navel and ends somewhere at the other side of the globe. In that way a long skirt is the optimal representation of her closest surroundings. After weaving the fabric she treats the surface roughly to mix the front with the back creating landscapes.

The skirts carry names like Mongolia, Bambam (Congo), Mirzapur and Fool’s Gold.


Year: 2004-ungoing

Material: yarn 80% wool (weft), 20% diverse (warp) + lining

Technique: Hand woven, satin weave, steel brush treatment, embroidery

Dimensions: waist 86 cm, length 110 cm 



wall piece 

Year: 2009
Material: 80% wool (weft) 20% diverse (warp)

Technique: Hand woven, steelbrush treatment, rough embroidery

Size: 155 x 300 cm 

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