After her art studies Severine Amsing got herself an old factory loom and started working on a large variety of projects in which human nature and the properties of weaving continuously intermingle. Her work deals with the act of segregating and unifying. This is not only inherent to the technique of hand weaving, it is also part of her way of thinking, traveling and materializing. 

She teaches weaving at the Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam where she is the manager of the weaving workshop since 2006. She focusses on the three main techniques in weaving: plain, twill and satin and likes the students to gain experience on different types of looms, starting with a piece of cardboard, ending up being able to make a loom out of a building.    

Since 2017 she is embarked on a timeless project called rattus sapiens, in which rat tails play a major role as weaving material and as fuel to review human nature. 

Curriculum Vitae


Textile | Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam | 2000-2004

Social Geography | University of Amsterdam | 1991-1997


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