After my art studies I, rat, got myself an old factory loom and started working on projects in which human nature and the properties of weaving continuously intermingle. 

I find it important to see that in a woven work there is always a frontside and a backside and there is always a visible and a hidden dimension. There is no weave without these distinctions. My work deals with the act of segregating and unifying: how we identify ourselves by making distinctions such as man/nature, good/bad, me/you. By weaving I question if and how these separations exist. It results in abstract weaves, in which color, structure, material, shape, size and ways of finishing are part of my vocabulary. 

I am embarked on a timeless project called rattus sapiens, in which the rat plays a major role to review human nature. I call myself a rat to be able to relate to myself as an altruistic and egoistic creature. In my opinion these habits are interwoven. I am weaving with real rat tails combined with wool and silk. The weaves are expressions of bridging the moral divide.

At the Rietveldacademie I manage the weaving workshop and teach students weaving.

At the Vrije Academie in Amsterdam I give classes weaving on cardboard. These classes are open to all. 

Curriculum Vitae


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