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Year: 2018

Think six hours before you judge  and it all turned up side down.

(tweet, 2019)

Brought up on the bottom of the sea in a manmade and totally controlled polder, Amsing never took much notice to the 'wild' tidal forces. This changed when Miek Zwamborn and Rutger Emmelkamp -together Knockvologan Studies- invited her to cooperate on a weaving project: to weave the landscape of the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Their neighboring weaving mill of Isle of Mull Weavers looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of the landscape she started weaving the seascape. 

In about six hours the sea level lowers from high tide to low tide and in another six hours it rises from low to high tide. The difference, the tidal range, is fluctuating during a month. Apart from the moon-earth-sun constellation the height of the fluctuation depends most of all on local geographical settings. 

Traveling to several coastlines Amsing shows the biggest local tidal range with a gauge rod. You are looking at the largest local change in sea level within six hours! It is the mass of water that amazes her. The space in between the extremes. 

She thereafter weaves a fabric of exactly the size of the largest tidal range. Weaving the mass in between the tides. Different on every piece of coast. 

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Year: 2018

At the coastline of Ardalanish, on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, the largest tidal range is 4,27 meter.

The woven tidal range of Ardalanish is presented during Into the Great Wide Open 2018 on Vlieland.  

'Luister naar Radio Wongema'

interview door Bertien Minco en Erik Wong tijdens Warm Nest

november 2018

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Year: 2018

Material: 100% Scottish pure new un-dyed wool

Dimensions: 160x168, 160x187, 160x192

Made by: Isle of Mull weavers, Ardalanish, Scotland

Produced by: Knockvologan-studies, Monica Haddock (IoMW), Severine Amsing

Sleeping under the tide.

Fishermen imagined the earth is breathing. Breathing in lasts six hours, breathing out another six.

The length of the blanket is alike the tidal range on the day of weaving (at Ardalanish, end of March 2018). 

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Year: 2018

Làn-mara is the name of a blanket Amsing designed and produced together with Knockvologan Studies and Isle of Mull Weavers. 

The deep brown and dark grey wool from the local Hebridean sheep is woven into seascape blankets in the weaving mill of Ardalanish.

Làn-mara is Gaellic and can be translated as tidal. The length of the blanket is alike one of the tidal ranges on the days it was woven at Ardalanish on 26 and 27 of March 2018. 

220 euro


The Làn-mara blankets were launched at  Into the Great Wide Open 2018 on Vlieland. 


this blanket lets you sense the tidal range 

at the coast of Mull in Scotland. 

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Year: 2018

At the coastline of Accra, Ghana in West Africa, the largest tidal range is 1,82 meter. 

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Year: 2018

At the coastline of Vlieland, the Netherlands, the largest tidal range is 2,62 meter.

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